Our advice for caring for your leather bag (except suede and velours) is to nourish it with a fluid, oily solution to preserve it and prevent it from cracking or stiffening over time, especially at the corners and edges, which are more exposed to rubbing.

What leather fears is persistent humidity, dryness and excessive heat. We therefore recommend that you follow these steps to protect your leather bag:

- After emptying your bag, wipe the entire outer surface with a damp sponge to remove dust.

- Leave to dry for a moment. - Apply a small amount of moisturizing milk (such as mixa or special leather milk) to a cloth and gently massage all surfaces of the bag, including nooks and crannies.

- Then wipe with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth to remove excess grease.

These steps remove dust, keep the skin supple, nourish it and create a protective oil screen. Once a month is ideal, but 3 times a year is generally sufficient.

A few other tips :

To clean a light stain, use a cloth impregnated with a very dilute soap solution based on liquid Marseille soap or leather soap and work locally. Apply in a circular motion, dry as soon as the stain disappears, then immediately apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.

You can also apply a waterproofing spray to oily or suede leather if you're worried about the bag rubbing off on your clothes, or vice versa. This should be done as soon as you buy the bag, and repeated regularly.

Finally, because after an accident, prolonged exposure to the sun, over time or simply because you feel like it, the color of your leather may fade.

For this, certain specialized products in the form of balms or creams can re-dye the skin of your bag while nourishing it. These specific products are practical and can be very useful for giving your bag a second life.


Talc, bicarbonate of soda and terre de Sommières are ideal for removing greasy stains from suede and nubuck leather. Apply a thick layer of Terre de Sommières to the stain, then allow it to absorb the greasy stain.


Zippers can sometimes jam on new or old bags. The remedy is to rub soap, moisturizing cream or kerosene on the metal part of the zipper, then operate the fastener. These parts need to be lubricated regularly to prevent them from oxidizing, but also to ensure that they slide easily and durably.


Maison Pourchet offers you the possibility of sending your bag for repair, free of charge* (for the 1st year), to our workshops in Paris. To use this service, go to your Pourchet account, download the repair certificate and follow the steps. We will of course be happy to take your bag in for repair after the 1st year. Please send an e-mail with photos to [email protected]. We'll give you a quote.


Your local shoemaker is a true craftsman and an experienced leather professional. He is also perfectly qualified to advise you on any repairs your bag may need.

* This service is only available for purchases on our website and in our 2 Paris boutiques Vosges and Opéra. Please contact us at [email protected]. Proof of purchase will be required for in-store purchases. For purchases on our website, the procedure is carried out via your account. In most cases, we offer this service free of charge for 1 year after the date of purchase, but in special cases we may be able to provide you with a quotation.